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You are about to hear real stories and experiences from California residents who started a new life outside of the Golden State. Within each episode we interview real people who moved themselves, their family, or their business out of California to experience a better quality of life. Discover how their life has improved, what they learned, and what they would have done differently in the process.

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Podcast Episodes

Interview: State Of The Bay Area Real Estate Market – San Francisco/Solano/Napa/Santa Cruz – A Panel Discussion

The Greater Bay Area real estate market is extremely dynamic and diverse. Where are we at today, and where are we headed tomorrow? If you have plans

Interview: Leaving The Bay Area – Real Estate Market Update – Phoenix / Austin / Boise – A Panel Discussion

Most U.S. cities are experiencing high growth and a very competitive real estate market. On this market update segment we will be focusing on the

Interview: Selling a Business in California – A Panel Discussion – Leaving The Bay Area

As Bay Area residents flee the state for greener pastures, many businesses are being sold in the process. If you are a business owner and are

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