Episode: Investing in Phoenix Real Estate – An Overview Presented by LeavingTheBayArea.com

Scott Fuller interviews Phoenix Real Estate Broker Jonas Funston and talks investing

Podcast Hosts:

Scott Fuller – Real Estate Broker and founder of Leaving The Bay Area

Guest Interview:

Jonas Funston – Real Estate Broker and founder of Phoenix Relocation Source

The greater Phoenix metro area leads the country in rental demand and rising rental rates. Population and business growth have led to a huge demand in rental housing which creates a unique opportunity for investors. In this video Scott Fuller, founder of www.LeavingTheBayArea.com talks with Jonas Funston of www.phoenixrelocationsource.com about the state of the Phoenix real estate market and the opportunities that exist there for investors. Whether you are a seasoned investor, or just starting out, find out how you can invest in cash flowing properties with minimal money out of pocket. If you own investment property in California, see how you could get a better ROI on your investment in Phoenix through a 1031 exchange. In this video we compare and contrast different areas to invest in the Phoenix area including East Valley (Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Queen Creek) and West Valley (Goodyear, Surprise, Peoria, Buckeye). We also provide current investment examples, talk financials, and also talk about investment strategies to align with your financial goals and retirement.
If you are considering investing in Phoenix or any other market in the US, contact us at info@leavingthebayarea.com or 866-LEAVEBA

Podcast Transcription

Podcast Host:

Scott Fuller

Founder - Leaving The Bay Area / Leaving SoCal

Podcast Guest:

Jonas Funston

Founder - Phoenix Relocation Source

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