Episode: Landlord Protections in California – What You Need To Know 2020

The landscape of landlord/tenant law is constantly changing not only in CA, but also in localized areas. COVID-19 has brought a whole new set of laws and regulations that investment property owners need to be aware of. This is especially important to investment property owners who are considering selling in the near-term.

Scott Fuller, Founder of LeavingTheBayArea.com and LeavingSoCal.com interviews Michael McLaughlin, Real Estate Attorney, about the current legal landscape and its’ impact on investment property owners.

Topics covered include:

1. How to negotiate tenant buyout agreements (“cash for keys” agreements).
2. How to structure leases to increase your chances of getting the tenant out if/when you need to sell.
3. What to do about nonpaying tenants in this Covid environment.
4. Understanding California’s new state-wide rent control and eviction protection statute.

Podcast Hosts:

Scott Fuller has 25 years consulting and sales experience in real estate, professional services and technology with companies such as IBM Global Services and PeopleSoft. Real estate broker and founder of LeavingTheBayArea.com and LeavingSoCal.com, Scott has been featured as a relocation expert on Fox Business, Washington Post, MarketWatch, KRON4 Bay Area, NBC Bay Area, KABC Los Angeles, NBC4 Los Angeles, SF Gate, San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley Business Journal, KGO San Francisco, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post, KCBS San Francisco, Reason Magazine and Zero Hedge.

Guest Interview:

Michael J. McLaughlin is a founding partner of McLaughlin Sanchez LLP, and concentrates his practice on representing landlords in handling tenant disputes. McLaughlin Sanchez is a San Francisco-based real estate litigation firm that Mr. McLaughlin founded with his law partner, seasoned landlord litigator Andres Sanchez. Mr. McLaughlin represents homeowners, property investors, and landlords in complex litigations. Mr. McLaughlin has successfully tried HOA disputes and complex unlawful detainer actions before Bay Area juries and regularly appears before the San Francisco and Oakland Rent Boards. He regularly speaks on the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and related landlord-tenant topics before real estate professionals. Mr. McLaughlin has practiced law for over 18 years and prides himself on developing individually tailored strategies reflecting each client’s unique needs, which allows him to obtain the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Podcast Transcription

Podcast Host:

Scott R. Fuller

Founder - Leaving The Bay Area / Leaving SoCal

Podcast Guest:

Michael McLaughlin

Landlord Attorney

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