Episode: Relocating from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Philippe Pagan Finds a Better Quality of Life and a Business Opportunity in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Podcast Hosts:

Guest Interview:

  • Philippe Pagan – CEO & Founder of Cabolectric, entrepreneur and watersports enthusiast

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Philippe Pagan include:

  • Philippe’s reason for leaving CA and for not starting his new business concept in CA
  • The process of making his move to Mexico
  • Tips and advice for how to prepare for a move to Mexico
  • What he loves about Mexico and what he still misses about CA
  • What starting and operating a business in Mexico is really like
  • His new business venture in Cabo San Lucas – Cabolectric

Podcast Transcription

Coming soon!

Podcast Host:

Scott Fuller

Founder - Leaving The Bay Area / Leaving SoCal

Podcast Guest:

Philippe Pagan

Founder of Cabolectric, entrepreneur and watersports enthusiast

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