Juan and Ingrid B moved from the Bay Area to Portland, OR

Just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding work and efforts you did to sell our house, connect with an agent in Portland, go through contingencies to purchase a house and most off all your professionalism and skills to get the house sold for way over the asking price. That really helped us out to payoff debts and start fresh with less stress.

We interviewed many Realtors prior to hiring you. We feel that the selection of your real estate firm helped us sell our house for the best price in a timely manner. You showed our house numerous times and we feel that it is a great compliment to your advertising. We were happy with our exposure through your website, video, social media, and various real estate publications.

Your methods of attracting buyers worked! I was blown away to have so many offers made on the house in the first week. Everything went so smooth in sales and purchase of a new home. Your transitions with the agent here in Portland was so amazing. Also, that rentback you negotiated with the buyer was a life saver, allowing us time to move.

In summation, we are very happy with the service you provided and look forward to possible future endeavors.

Juan and Ingrid B