Matthew and Melissa C moved their family to Montana

I called, and reached someone immediately, and somehow it was the owner and founder of the whole place, Scott Fuller! The guy in the commercial! Well they weren’t kidding about making it easy! What an amazing experience it has been, not just with Scott, but with the super helpful people he connected us up with!

In the 1st few months, they set me up with out of state realtors and sent me property listings of beautiful, INCREDIBLE properties that matched what we were looking for. We took two trips to our state of choice, Montana, and by the end of the second super fun road trip, we found an incredible property that fit just about every need we had!

I cannot tell you how helpful and positive they were through the whole process, and I’m in awe of the ease with which they made the whole process! We ended up with a secluded 21 acre property with TWO houses on it, enough room for our entire extended family if we needed to house them, for between 1/5 and 1/4 of the value of our ONE house here in the SF bay area! It’s almost unbelievable. And in a state with TRUE FREEDOM, the likes of which I have NEVER experienced before, having grown up in California.

We have recommended Scott at Leaving The Bay Area to a bunch of friends already and we will continue to do so, as everyone else we know gets fed up with the suicidal policies being instituted here. I can’t emphasize enough what an amazing and great choice it was to pick up the phone and call Scott for our relocation needs. What an innovative and business idea he has made real, to help people relocate! Thanks Scott! Matthew and Melissa

Matthew and Melissa C