Maureen G moved from Bay Area to Arizona


I was planning to sell my home in San Leandro and to move out of state. I have been very interested in Arizona. I am a “special” client. I did not own a cell phone or computer, just a landline and a television. I caught the end of a T.V. program that mentioned I asked a neighbor to google it for me for a phone contact.
I spoke with Scott Fuller and arranged a meeting for the next day. Scott showed up with lots of information about the sale of my property and how it would be handled. He also, and most important to me, had information on relocation. Scott works with an incredible team in Phoenix. I personally worked with Ashlea McCaffrey and Jonas Funston, both of whom went way beyond the call of duty. They prepared an incredible tour of properties for me. I saw a few real possibilities and ended up purchasing my home that day.
The whole process was handled professionally and smoothly. The entire team worked on every part of the move for me. Thanks Stacy for all your trips to my home.
I purchased my home in Arizona for $5000 under asking price. I sold my home in San Leandro for $90,000 over asking price.

Maureen G